Sarah Silverman Is Waiting for Ex Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Tryst’ With Wife Molly to Fizzle Out (Video)

“It’s not fair! She gets new woke Jimmy — I had ‘Man Show’ Jimmy!” actress says

Last Updated: September 6, 2018 @ 9:30 PM

Remember when Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel were a thing? Yeah, so does she. And what’s more, the comedian is not through with the ABC late-night host just yet, as she revealed (jokingly) during “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Wednesday that she’s still waiting for this whole marriage thing of his to come to an end.

“What’s going on with me dating-wise? I’m waiting for this tryst with you to be over!” Silverman said, when her now-married ex asked what’s going on in her love life these days. “I mean, OK, Molly [McNearney] is cute. She’s bright, she’s funny, she’s blonde — whatever,” the actress teased Kimmel about his wife. “But, like, come on!”

“It’s not fair!” the “I Love You, America” star added. “She gets new woke Jimmy — I had ‘Man Show’ Jimmy!”

When the late-night host reminded his former girlfriend that he and McNearney — who have two children — have been together for five years, she just shrugged it off.

“Yeah, you’ve got the kids, you’ve got the marriage,” she said. “I mean, alright, work it through. You think she’s gonna wipe your a– when you’re old?” Kimmel conceded: probably not, adding that he doesn’t do it himself now.

So, we’ll see how long this whole thing lasts and maybe in the meantime, Sarah can find her way back to her one true love, Matt Damon. (Sorry, Jimmy.)

Watch the interview above.