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Sarah Silverman Begs Mom For ‘Companionship of a Pet’ (Updated)

The comedian was only 10 when she wrote the letter but, still, it doesn’t get much cuter than this

Comedian Sarah Silverman may talk like a sailor — that is said with the utmost respect for both her and sailors — but she’s got the soul of a little girl.

The standup comic-slash-actress known for addressing social, political and religious taboos with a sarcastic nod, recently came in possession of a letter she wrote when she was just a 10-year-old girl growing up in New Hampshire.

It should come as no surprise that even back then, little Sarah had a way with words.

Check it out:

(The “thank you @LauraJSilverman !!! at the bottom is a message to her sister.)

UPDATE: Silverman’s power of persuasion worked on her mom, as the “Wreck-It Ralph” actress tells TheWrap that a gerbil was a future member of the family. “I did eventually get a gerbil! Gosh I can’t even remember what I named him… he was male though. My recollection is a murky grab-bag of sawdust; the constant, riddled madness as he raced to nowhere on his lil metal wheel; and tiny feces that looked exactly like chocolate sprinkles. I think I put a lot of emotional pressure on him — I never felt I was his cup o tea. Objectively speaking, I’m fairly sure he would’ve rather been somewhere else.”