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Sarah Silverman Makes Not-So-Modest Proposal to Romney Supporter (Video)

"Sarah Silverman Program" star offers lesbian sex to an elderly male Republican donor, in hopes of a better America

Sarah Silverman wants to take the dirty money out of politics — and replace it with dirty bedroom shenanigans.

The former "Sarah Silverman Program" star has created a new video directed at 78-year-old casino baron Sheldon Adelson, who has vowed to donate up to $100 million dollars to Mitt Romney in order to defeat Barack Obama.

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Since Romney already has a surplus of elderly billionaire supporters, Silverman figures that money could be better spent on the Democrats. And if Adelson goes along with it, Silverman will reward him by "scissoring" him.

"Do you know how many Republican billionaires are giving money to Romney? All of them," Silverman reminds Adelson. "How many of them are getting scissored by a bikini-bottomed Jewess with big naturals? How many, Sheldon?" Silverman reasons.

"You'll be the only elderly billionaire on the block to have traditional lesbian sex through to climax with a girl who had her own show on Comedy Central!" Silverman adds. "I mean, talk about bragging rights!"

The "Jesus Is Magic" funnywoman then goes on to demonstrate the suggested transaction for the benefit of Adelson and anyone else who might not be familiar with the act of scissoring — by using a pooch as her partner.

The video then directs viewers to Scissor Sheldon, which offers more information on the casino magnate and a petition asking Romney to reject Sheldon's support.

Watch Silverman cut through the noise of modern politics in the video.

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