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‘Saturday Night Live': ‘Avengers’ Star Scarlett Johansson Gives Fans a Dose of Black Widow (Video)

ScarJo returns to NBC’s long-running sketch series to show off her comedy skills; Wiz Khalifa performs ”See You Again“ from the ”Furious 7“ soundtrack

Returning to host “Saturday Night Live” for a fourth time, Scarlett Johansson noted that she’s changed since she was last on the show and said she’s now a “MILF” — “Mom in lots of films.” Taran Killam and Kenan Thompson found her lullaby version of Donna Summer’s “Love to Love You Baby” a little too sexy for babies, but the “SNL” audience approved.

Before Johansson’s monologue, the show opened with a crawl from NBC saying that since they’d already telecast “the whitest day in sports” with the Kentucky Derby then golf, they were just going to show the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight so that viewers wouldn’t change the channel — a goofball imitation of the fighters followed. No big laughs to start the show.

Right Side of the Bed – Sexy Southerners Return
Cecily Strong and Taran Killam teamed as Gracelynn and Cory, southerners who are constantly making jokes with lots of sexual euphemisms. Johansson played an Italian chef named Daniella — think Teresa Giudice — who was guesting to make the hosts a special cocktail.

Baltimore TV News – Calling the Game
Kenan and Taran performed as the Oriole’s Frank Robinson and Jim Palmer, calling the Orioles game that had no fans in the stands because of the civil unrest. Jim Palmer makes completely inappropriate, racially charged remarks as he calls the game. Johansson appeared as a reporter on the field at the game, which is being played with a Nerf bat.

Marvel’s “Black Widow: Age of Me” Superhero Rom-Com Trailer
Johansson appeared as Black Widow starring in a movie trailer Marvel put out to prove that they “get” women. The spot-on trailer was packed back-to-back with rom-com tropes that showed Black Widow working in the fashion industry and having romances with Ultron and the Hulk.

Girlfriends – Promposal Edition
Aidy Bryant and Strong return as Morgan and Kyra in this prom edition of the recurring sketch. Johansson plays another girl at their school who asks them to talk about their dream “prom-posals” — how they want the boys of their dreams to ask them to prom.

Musical Guest
Wiz Khalifa performed his song “See You Again” from “Furious 7” end credits

Weekend Update Bits
Baltimore, gay marriage, another standout segment featuring Kate McKinnon as Ruth Bader Ginsburg talking about marriage equality. Another featured bit: Sam and Gilly from “Game of Thrones” as the show’s hottest couple that’s not incestual. Final featured bit: Thompson and Jay Pharaoh as Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal, talking about the NBA playoffs.

Natural History Museum – “That’s Random”
A group touring the museum stopped in front of a large dinosaur. Strong and Johansson appeared as two girls who keep repeating “that’s random,” which causes Thompson’s character to say he’s “two minutes from wilding.”

Filmed bit: “Blazer”
Blazer is a detective who’s constantly beating up guys. At first, it seemed like a retro trailer like the one in “Boogie Nights,” but at the end of the sketch, you see Blazer being fired from the police force, because he taped himself beating up black guys and having his partner record it with a bodycam and then he uploaded it to the internet. Then we see Blazer’s captain get fired too.

Virgin Dreamliner – Not Quite Ready for Passengers
The Dreamliner is the new luxury airplane with automated flight attendants in first class, played by Vanessa Bayer and Johansson. Though they’re pretty and attentive, they can’t hear well and they’re still buggy, pelting passengers with items like hot towels and food and drinks.

Musical Guest
Wiz Khalifa second song, “We Dem Boyz.”

Ad Agency Jingle Writers
Advertising agency seeking a new jingle for Pampers takes a meeting with New Age-y jingle writers Fayanne and Vanetta (Bryant and ScarJo.) Though they claim to be wildly successful jingle writers, their lyrics are dark and always involve the desert and vultures — because that’s where these eccentric ladies have been living.

Best sketches:
Marvel Black Widow rom-com trailer
Baltimore Orioles game play-by-play

Worst sketches:
May-Pac fight opening
Ad agency Pampers pitch