Seth Rogen Scares the Bejesus Out of Shoppers With ‘Sausage Party’ Prank (Video)

You’ll never eat cantaloupe again

No one likes honeydew — couldn’t you have ruined that melon for everyone, Seth Rogen?

The “Sausage Party” star and writer recently scared the hell of out some New Yorkers, all in the name of movie promotion. Rogen and his crew placed animatronic food in a real New York supermarket, ruining the afternoon for anyone just trying to run an errand.

OK, to be fair, some seemed to enjoy the prank, while others came within a sausage link of a heart attack. Rogen’s cantaloupe and bread puppets were pretty spot on; his giant tube of meat didn’t seem to pay as many dividends.

In perfect New York fashion, several folks fought back, taunting the foods by devouring family members right in front of their (fake) eyes. Watch the video above.

“Sausage Party” is out in theaters today.