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That Time ‘Saved By the Bell’ Mocked Donald Trump in Jessie’s ‘Blind Date’ Fantasy (Video)

Dustin Diamond made it rain money in 1991 as “Donald Chump”

Long before Alec Baldwin was parodying Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live,” a much younger crowd was taking on the mogul-turned-POTUS. And this was before they had any border wall, “golden shower” or Melania material to work with.

Back in 1991, “Saved by the Bell” mocked Trump in an episode featuring a “Blind Date” fantasy sequence, in which Jessie Spano (Elizabeth Berkley) had to choose between three suitors, each based on less-than desirable pop culture figures. There was Teddy Kreuger, Mason Voorhess, and “the richest kid in the world,” Donald Chump.

Chump is played here by Dustin Diamond aka Screech, who is wearing a gray suit, looking pretty smug, and throwing wads of cash in the air.

Try as he might, Zack (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) — who is hosting the dating show in Jessie’s mind — can’t seem to get his contestant to pick between these options, with her screaming aloud “don’t make me choose!”

Gosselaar had no recollection of the parody when the Daily Beast mentioned it to him in a recent interview, with the outlet saying he responded with a: “We did?! Really? Back in ’91?!”

And the fact Chump makes it rain with fake cash apparently got a “No s–t” from the actor.

Watch the clip above.