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‘Saved by the Bell’ Spoof Follows the ‘Black Kids of Bayside’ (Video)

TruTV’s ”Friends of the People“ sketch features Dustin Diamond as Bayside High School principal Mr. Belding

Bayside High may have looked like a multicultural 1990s Eden on “Saved by the Bell,” but a new bit on TruTV’s sketch comedy show “Friends of the People” shows that it still had an under-represented class — and it was both ignored and confused by the antics on the popular kids show.

The sketch, called “Black Kids of Bayside,” featured this side group of African-American friends hanging near Zack Morris and his group, yet being completely ignored. Even Lark Voorhies’ Lisa Turtle, who is black, couldn’t see or hear them, no matter how loud Lil Rel Howery yelled at her.

As Kevin Barnett explained, “Once you start talking to white people, you can’t hear black people no more.” And he was proven right, as Lil Rey screamed at her from across the hall, but she only had eyes for Zack.

Dustin Diamond, the original Screech, makes a cameo appearance as Mr. Belding, falling victim to one of Zack’s classic “freeze” moments. But while Zack begins talking over his dilemma to the viewing audience as the rest of the cast is frozen, the “Black Kids of Bayside” come strolling around the corner wondering what’s going on.

While they try to figure it out, Belding informs them that they’re being written up for failing to freeze when the “coolest kid in school calls for a time out.”

Watch the “Black Kids of Bayside” sketch here.

“Friends of the People” airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on TruTV.