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‘Scandal’ President Fitzgerald Grant Tells Jimmy Kimmel He’s a Terrible Parent (Video)

Actor Tony Goldwyn, who also stars in “Divergent,” mocked the fact that his children were just being introduced on the hit ABC drama

Immediately following the shocking shooting on “Scandal” Thursday, the actor who plays President Fitzgerald Grant appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and admitted another shocker: His character is a terrible parent.

“We’re just like the worst parents ever,” Goldwyn joked after showing a clip (above) from next week’s episode, in which two of the President’s children appear for the first time on the ABC series. “Our show’s been on for three years, and we’ve never seen our kids.”

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Dylan Minnette (“Prisoners”) and Madeline Carroll (“Mr. Popper’s Penguins”) play Jerry and Karen Grant, respectively, in Season 3’s “Mama Said Knock You Out” episode, which Goldwyn directed.

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Spoiler alert: The kids’ first on-screen interaction with their pops doesn’t go so well. But at least he lets them know he loves them — even if he’s been ignoring them for the last three years.

“But let’s just remember that we love each other,” Goldwyn added, mocking his character’s dialogue. “That’s what I tell my kids. No matter what I do, just remember that we love each other, and we’re good.”