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‘Scandal’ Star Scott Foley on Why Series Finale Will Have Fans Asking ‘Did That Happen?’

”There is an opportunity there for it to have whatever you want it to have,“ the honorable Jake Ballard tells TheWrap

(Spoiler alert: Do not read ahead unless you’ve watched through last week’s penultimate episode of “Scandal”)

Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) will — presumably — handle things for the last time when she and almost every other major character on “Scandal” sit down to testify to their worst crimes when the finale airs on Thursday.

But before you head into the episode ready to follow Shonda Rhimes and her chosen ending over a cliff, you should know she might be hanging you off it.

Scott Foley, who plays Liv’s sometimes lover (other times brother) Jake Ballard, told TheWrap in an interview last week that the seventh and final season of “Scandal” will come to a close with an ending that ties up almost all the loose ends. But one stray kernel of the story might keep you guessing long after the credits roll.

“Now there is one thing that is sort of ambiguous at the very end of the show and it’s going to leave people questioning, ‘Did this happen? Did that happen? I don’t quite get it.’ And I think it’s important to make it your own,” Foley said of the episode — titled, “Over a Cliff.” “And there’s going to be questions and disagreements and ‘It couldn’t be. Here’s why’ or ‘It has to be. Here’s why.'”

“But I think it’s important for the viewer, when that happens, and they see the moment that I’m talking about, to make it personal to them. And I know this is sounding very ethereal, and forgive me for that. But there is an opportunity there for it to have whatever you want it to have,” he added.

OK, trying desperately to ignore the ambiguity for a minute, we can say Foley says they did a “fantastic job” with the last episode as a whole.

“And I think you’ll agree once you see the finale that all these storylines are wrapped up in such a way that you, or I felt, at least, with regards to every character, ‘OK that makes sense,'” he assured us.

You know what? Let’s do this. Over a cliff, right?

The “Scandal” series finale airs Thursday at 10/9 c on ABC.

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