‘Scandal’ Star Kerry Washington Disses Anthony Weiner on Kimmel (Video)

The actress couldn’t help but poke fun of the disgraced congressman and former New York Mayoral candidate while previewing an episode of “Scandal” that he inspired

Olivia Pope helps a politician who gets caught snapping pictures of his privates on next week’s episode of “Scandal” and  Kerry Washington couldn’t help but comment on the episode’s obvious inspiration when appearing on Thursday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

“We would never have a political figure who took pictures of himself online,” she said sarcastically after previewing the episode clearly based on former New York congressman Anthony Weiner’s infamous exploits.

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“I wonder if Anthony Weiner will watch that show,” Kimmel asked. “I bet you he wants to watch it, but it would be so uncomfortable for his wife to walk in while he was watching it.”

“That’s what would be uncomfortable?” Washington joked back. “Really?”

Washington also discussed a handful of other topics during her appearance, including how she avoids ruining “Scandal” for the West Coast while live-tweeting each episode.

“At seven o’clock in Pacific Time, we say, ‘West Coast — get off Twitter!”