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‘Scandal': We Finally Know Who Killed Francisco Vargas

Don’t worry, it’s really no surprise, but a lot of questions remain unanswered

(Spoiler alert: Please do not read on if  you haven’t watched Thursday’s episode of “Scandal”)

The biggest mystery surrounding this season’s “Scandal” has finally been solved — we know who killed President-elect Francisco Vargas.

In the very first episode of Season 6, Vargas is assassinated right before he takes his Presidential oath and practically every episode since then has pointed the finger at a different suspect leading us to believe that basically every character on “Scandal” is involved in the murder.

Well, thanks to Thursday night’s “Extinction” episode we can now rest easy knowing that Vargas’ death was all Papa Pope’s fault … and not just the assassination, but the framing of Cyrus Beene too.

I mean are we really surprised? Rowan Pope is twisted as hell, but this time it wasn’t exactly entirely his fault.

Some weird, shady people approached him asking … well, demanding that he figure out a way to have Mellie Grant win the presidency. And when Olivia folded his plan to rig the voting machines, the only option left was to kill Frankie Vargas so that by default, Grant would take the Oval office.

We don’t know what this group’s end game is. Why do they want Mellie in office? Why are they willing to go through such great lengths to ensure that it happens? Why pick Eli Pope to do all the dirty work? We honestly have no answers, but we can speculate that things are about to get shadier.