Scaramucci Chides Trump on Alec Baldwin’s ‘SNL’ Impression: POTUS ‘Should Expect to Be Made Fun Of’

“The president doesn’t like him as Trump, I think that’s obvious. I think he’s funny,” former White House communications director tells TheWrap

anthony scaramucci donald trump alec baldwin snl
Getty Images; NBC

Not only is Anthony Scaramucci a fan of Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump impression on “Saturday Night Live,” but the former White House Communications Director has some advice for the show’s No. 1 critic.

“If people are in power, they should expect to be made fun of,” Scaramucci told TheWrap.

“It’s a great piece of our nation’s history that should not go understated and should always be completely exposed,” he added. “What is that? It’s the fact that we can make fun of our leadership. The founding fathers recognized that one of the elements of having the free press and the Fourth Estate was to hold people that were in power accountable.”

Scaramucci acknowledged that Baldwin’s impression has become a sore spot for his former boss. “The president doesn’t like him as Trump, I think that’s obvious,” he said, adding, “I think he is funny.”

Trump is known to deeply despise Baldwin’s impression of him on the long-running NBC show and recently tweeted his displeasure over Baldwin’s “dying mediocre career.”

Scaramucci, a financier who lasted less than two weeks in the Trump White House before abruptly resigning last August, said he was only upset he didn’t hang on long enough to earn a proper lampooning from Lorne Michaels’ team.

“I’m either lucky or unlucky I got blown out in 11 days and they were off season at the time. I am sure they would have ripped me to pieces,” he said. “I’m a New Yorker so the first joke can always be on me. I get it.”

Despite leaving the West Wing, Scaramucci has managed to stay in the public spotlight. Earlier this week, news emerged that he would become the latest Trump official to chronicle his White House experience on the printed page, inking a deal with Hachette for a book due this fall.

Scaramucci told TheWrap that the book, “The Blue Collar President: How Trump is Reinventing the Aspirational Working Class,” will correct false impressions Americans have about the president.

“I think the president is misunderstood by a lot of people, particularly intellectual elites. They are either tone deaf or they misunderstand him,” Scaramucci said. “He started from scratch a television program that went on to be very successful. He built his real estate company. It had some ups and downs; it went on to be resoundingly successful.”

“So I am hoping to explain that to the American people at least from my first-hand observations.”