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Scaramucci Defends Trump’s Anthem Performance: ‘I’d Like to See You Sing the National Anthem’

Former White House aide backs POTUS in interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo

Former White House Communications director Anthony Scaramucci is speaking out to defend President Donald Trump’s knowledge of the national anthem after a widely panned appearance before the NCAA college football championship Monday night.

In an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo Tuesday night, Scaramucci said he was completely confident the president knew the words of “The Star Spangled Banner” — but then hedged a bit, challenging Cuomo to sing it on air.

“I’m sure if you told me right now at 9:22 p.m. say every word in the national anthem, probably going to get a few of them wrong,” Scaramucci said. “I’d like to see you sing the national anthem right here. If you sing the national anthem right now, I’ll mouth it alongside you.”

Cuomo didn’t take the bait.

“Another day,” he said. “Maybe in a high school basketball game.”

The two men were discussing continuing fallout over Trump’s own interpretation of America’s national song before Monday’s championship game in Atalanta.

Critics blasted the president’s lip-syncing of the words, saying it showed he didn’t have a good grasp of the lyrics.

The tweets — and there were many — were unsparing. Many in the peanut gallery said the president should have more familiarly with the song given how much time he spends blasting athletes who kneel for the anthem to protest racial injustice.

Cuomo too raised the obvious point “Should the president sing the national anthem if he wants it to be respected as profoundly as he says he does?”

Scaramucci, who famously served just 11 days in the Trump White House before being fired, declined to answer, saying he couldn’t get inside the mind of the president.

“Let’s address the social justice issues, whatever the grievances may be, in another form,” he said. “Don’t hit the flag. That would be my personal bias on the situation. That’s my personal opinion.”

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