Scaramucci Slams John Kelly Over Handling of White House Officials ‘Smacking Up Their Wives’

Anthony Scaramucci tells Chris Cuomo says he has no beef with John Kelly before trashing his leadership style

Anthony Scaramucci offered some tough analysis of White House Chief of Staff John Kelly on Thursday.

The former White House Communications Director said that he got a raw deal from the marine general who fired him for running his mouth — but defended domestic abusers in the Trump Administration.

“I talked a little bit of smack about two guys that we were trying to get rid of, he fires me in five seconds,” Scaramucci told Chris Cuomo on CNN’s “New Day” Thursday. “These guys are smacking up their wives and he is trying to keep them in the White House.”

Scaramucci said he had no issue with John Kelly — but couldn’t help but also notice how morale in the White House was down.

“I have no problem with him firing me. Everybody has an opportunity and the right to change their staff,” said Scaramucci. “The morale inside the White House — morale is terrible and the reason why morale is terrible is the rule by fear and intimidation does not work in a civilian environment.”

Scaramucci said it was ultimately up to Trump to decide what to do, but warned that if Kelly stayed there would be “more departures.”

Scaramucci has had only nice things to say about Hope Hicks, his successor as Communications Director who announced that she was leaving her position. On Wednesday, Scaramucci told Fox News that she was “made of steel” and that she had a great career ahead of her.