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Anthony Scaramucci’s Advice on Trump’s ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape: ‘Let That Go’

”I think he said in taped remarks that he said it, he acknowledged it and he offered his apology,“ Scaramucci tells Chris Cuomo

Anthony Scaramucci offered some advice to his former boss, President Donald Trump, about the infamous “Access Hollywood” audiotape: “Let that go.”

In a typically chummy exchange with CNN “New Day” host Chris Cuomo on Tuesday, the former fly-by White House communications director reaffirmed the authenticity of the recording, in which Trump is heard saying crude things about grabbing women’s genitalia.

“I think it was real,” Scaramucci told Cuomo following reports that the president has recently questioned the tape’s authenticity. “I think he said in taped remarks that he said it, he acknowledged it and he offered his apology.”

“I would say, ‘Let that go,'” he said. “We’ve got so many big problems in the country.”

In recent days, multiple sources have reported that Trump has been privately questioning whether the voice on the tape bragging about groping women is actually his.

In her daily briefing Monday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders also declined to unequivocally state whether Trump was questioning the tape’s authenticity.

On Monday Access Hollywood reaffirmed that the tape was real.

Scaramucci’s comments to Cuomo reflect a rare public break from the president and harken back to a time when he was far more critical of Trump. 

For his part, the financier has kept himself busy after leaving the White House. In additional to occasional media appearances, the he has also launched a curious media startup — the Scaramucci Post — and spent part of his Thanksgiving holiday threatening to sue a Tufts University student for  defamation for a commentary piece in the school paper.

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