Scarborough: Trump Lies Just to Get Ann Coulter to ‘Stop Mean-Tweeting About Him’

The “Morning Joe” team says that Donald Trump’s secret desire to please Ann Coulter is what motivates him

Last Updated: April 4, 2018 @ 6:11 AM

Joe Scarborough offered a new line of Trump analysis Wednesday, suggesting that much of the president’s recent behavior — and mistruths — are now motivated by a desire to please right-wing pundit Ann Coulter.

“You think he’s lying just to try to get Ann Coulter to stop mean-tweeting about him?” Scarborough asked on the set of “Morning Joe.” “Ann Coulter knew exactly what she was doing. She tweeted at Trump. She baited him and he has done all of these remarkably stupid things over the past five or six days, just to respond to her tweet.”

“She’s so mean,” said co-host Mika Brzezinski, before Scarborough reminded her that she was being sarcastic.

The former GOP congressman was miffed (as he often is) over President Trump’s continued attack on Amazon. The president has been sounding off against the company in recent days as part of his broader war against the Washington Post. Both are controlled by Jeff Bezos.

The show’s third co-host, Willie Geist, suggested that since he isn’t a conservative to his core, Trump swung wildly, saying things in order to please his far-right base.

It’s not clear how the show settled on Ann Coulter being the source of all the recent trouble, but they were correct that the conservative fire queen has been on an anti-Trump tear in recent days.

After the president reluctantly signed a federal omnibus spending bill last month, Coulter castigated Trump, accusing him of not securing enough funding for the border wall and courting impeachment by selling out his base.

Coulter is one of just 45 people the president follows on Twitter — so it’s a safe assumption that he saw these (and many others.)

At Columbia University just days later, Coulter called Trump a “shallow, lazy ignoramus.”


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