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Charlie Sheen Gets Tanked on ‘Conan,’ Blames Dave Chappelle and Testosterone Cream for Meltdown (Video)

The "Anger Management" star visited the Warner Bros. lot for the first time since being fired from "Two and a Half Men" 

Charlie Sheen made a militant return to the Warner Bros. lot on Thursday night to tape a "Conan" interview. During the chat, he blamed a combination of Dave Chappelle and testosterone cream for getting the boot from the studio two years ago.

Accompanied by two beautiful women, Sheen entered the TBS late-night show stage on a giant tank and told Conan O'Brien that his infamous meltdown (or a "melt-forward," as he optimistically called it) was caused by laughing too hard at a "Chappelle Show" sketch. 

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"I laughed myself into a ruptured hernia, and I had to go to the hospital, and the show thought that was an OD and blah-blah blah," Sheen said. "So they fired me based on the hernia heard all around the world."

But what about all that "tiger blood," "winning" and "warlock" stuff? The "Anger Management" and "Scary Movie 5" star has a logical explanation for that, too. 

Turns out he rubbed a little bit too much testosterone cream all over his body. 

"I didn't know that it would metabolize into a steroidal effect, but I was kind of buffed at the time also," Sheen added. "No one mentions that I was buff. Thanks.

Watch the actor's grand entrance, plus his latest reflection on his bizare behavior, below: