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‘Schitt’s Creek’ Star and Co-Creator Daniel Levy on Balancing Laughs With Riches to Rags Story

”These people are like aliens coming into the town,“ the POP comedy’s actor tells TheWrap

Pop punctuates its month-old transition from TVGN with its first scripted series “Schitt’s Creek,” which debuts on Wednesday.

Co-created by veteran character actor Eugene Levy and his son, Daniel Levy, a former MTV Canada host, the series premiered earlier this year on Canada’s CBC. Levy says that having two network bosses didn’t hamper the creative process at all.

“We set out to make a show and our goal was to make the show that we wanted to make, and fortunately between Pop and CBC we were given the freedom to do that,” Daniel told TheWrap. “So I’m thrilled with what we’ve made, and ultimately that’s all you can do, is make what you want to make and hope people like it.”

“Schitt’s Creek” centers on the extremely rich Rose family who loses everything they have to their crooked business manager. It turns out that they have one asset left, a small town called “Schitt’s Creek.” So, they’re forced to move there and start new lives.

It also reunites Eugene with “SCTV” co-star Catherine O’Hara as mom, Moira, and stars Annie Murphy as daughter, Alexis.

pop schitts creek Eugene Levy Catherine ohara

Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy on “Schitt’s Creek.” (Pop)

“For the townspeople, these people are like aliens coming into their town, into their world,” he said. “So you know, they have to adjust and grow and arc and you know, change and see if they can relate to these people as well. Some can do it more easily than others.”

As for Daniel’s character, son David, it won’t be easy. “He’s not feeling it at all.”

In the end, though, Levy says the show isn’t just about the laughs but about the storytelling.

“The family is left with very strained relationships,” the actor said. “And I think what really interested us from the get-go was exploring the breakdown of a family and the rebuilding of this family and the relationships, and each character realizing how they are as an individual but also who they are as a member of this family. And putting them in this small town only helped us to tell that story.”

“Schitt’s Creek” premieres Wednesday at 10 p.m. on Pop.