‘Schooled': AJ Michalka Can’t Reveal First Homage Episode, but Wants to Do ‘Clueless’ (Video)

“It centers on two women and their friendship with each other,” is all “Goldbergs” spinoff star would tell TheWrap

Lainey (AJ Michalka) is going to try to prevent a “She’s All That” moment from happening on Wednesday’s episode of ABC’s new “The Goldbergs” spinoff, “Schooled.” But just because her character didn’t want to see a repeat of the makeover Freddie Prinze Jr gave to Rachael Leigh Cook in the classic rom-com, that doesn’t mean Michalka herself is opposed to packing as many ’90s homages into the ’90s-set series as possible.

After all, “The Goldbergs” is known for its installments devoted to ’80s culture.

“There is so much I would love to see,” Michalka told TheWrap, in the interview above. “I would love to see us do an Alanis Morissette episode where we honor her music. I would love to see maybe, like, an ode to ‘Clueless,’ where there’s a moment where we do a throwback to Alicia Silverstone’s character.”

Then the star revealed a hint about the first tribute episode they are doing: “Actually, one of my favorite movies from the ’90s that’s, like, a kind of teen rom-com is something we’re doing for Episode 10 that I’m so excited about — that I can’t say yet but I wanna really bad!”

When we pushed for a clue, she added this: “It centers on two women and their friendship with each other.”

Well, that wasn’t super helpful.

“That gave you nothing!” she said. “Although that might have given you a lot. I don’t know. People who are giant fans of the movie are going to go, ‘Oh, I know exactly what that is.'”

Michalka said you shouldn’t expect to see Lainey back in the ’80s any time soon, because her focus is now the spinoff, rather than the main Adam F. Goldberg-created comedy.

“Part of the story on ‘The Goldbergs’ has kind of transitioned into now the spinoff in the sense that Barry (played by Troy Gentile) and Lainey in the last episode have broken off their engagement and I’m not really going to appear on ‘The Goldbergs’ for many of the future episodes,” she said. “If Adam eventually wants to bring me in for a cliffhanger or whatever, absolutely but right now I’ve really transitioned into just focusing on the spinoff.”

Watch the interview above.

“Schooled” airs Wednesdays at 8:30/7:30c on ABC.