Time for ‘Schooled’: How 8 Other Broadcast Spinoffs Are Doing in TV Ratings

Will “Goldbergs” spinoff be more “Young Sheldon” or “Joey”?

spinoffs young sheldon schooled the conners

“The Goldbergs” celebrated the ’80s, and its spinoff “Schooled” is bringing fans into the ’90s. But how will Lainey Lewis’ (AJ Michalka) new decade do in 2019?

Spinoffs are advantageous as, by the term’s very definition, one would start with a built-in audience from a (generally) successful I.P. That doesn’t mean they can’t fall flat on their faces. “Joey,” anyone? Oh, right, literally not anyone, which is why the “Friends” follow-up series was canceled after just two seasons.

So what can “Schooled” expect when it debuts on Wednesday? TheWrap looked at how each of the eight presently airing scripted broadcast TV spinoffs are doing this season. We’ve ranked them below from highest-rated to lowest.

Young Sheldon

“Young Sheldon,” CBS

Current Nielsen Numbers
18-49 rating: 2.7
14.5 million viewers

“Young Sheldon” is broadcast television’s current gold-standard spinoff — in Nielsen ratings, at least. While it doesn’t quite do “Big Bang Theory” numbers, the Jim Parsons-character’s origin story regularly hauls in audiences that would make any other sitcom on TV blush.

The Conners

“The Conners,” ABC

Current Nielsen Numbers
18-49 rating: 2.2
9.5 million viewers

Please don’t make us rehash how we got here. You all know the story. “The Conners” is a success for ABC, but it also isn’t exactly pulling in “Roseanne” ratings.

'Chicago PD' - NBC

“Chicago P.D.,” NBC

Current Nielsen Numbers
18-49 rating: 2.1
11 million viewers

“Chicago Fire” birthed more than just this one — we’ll be kind and avoid mentioning “Chicago Justice” here. Okay, starting NOW. “P.D.” performs particularly well among young adults, and a little worse among older ones than…

Chicago Med - Season 4

“Chicago Med,” NBC

Current Nielsen Numbers
18-49 rating: 2.0
11.2 million viewers

And here’s the other one. These are all good numbers, and Dick Wolf’s not done with this list just yet.

Law & Order SVU

“Law & Order: SVU,” NBC

Current Nielsen Numbers
18-49 rating: 1.9
7.6 million viewers

“SVU” spun off from “Law & Order” LAST MILLENIUM. “Law & Order: SVU” launched way back in 1999 off a show that debuted in 1990. Here’s how loyal “SVU” viewers are: Fellow spinoff “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” ran for 10 years and this one has already doubled that.

Station 19 - ABC

“Station 19,” ABC

Current Nielsen Numbers
18-49 rating: 1.7
7.6 million viewers

“Station 19” isn’t quite “Grey’s Anatomy,” but that is where it came from. It’s also not quite “Chicago Fire.”

NCIS: New Orleans

“NCIS: New Orleans,” CBS

Current Nielsen Numbers
18-49 rating: 1.5
11.4 million viewers

These aren’t “NCIS” numbers, but 11-plus million viewers is nothing to sneeze at. It just goes to show you, old people love Scott Bakula solving military crimes.

To Live and Die in Mexico NCIS: Los Angeles

“NCIS: Los Angeles,” CBS

Current Nielsen Numbers
18-49 rating: 1.4
10.2 million viewers

See above, minus a million or so individuals. And this one has a glaring lack of Scott Bakula.

ABC’s first bell for “Schooled” rings at 8:30/7:30c on Wednesday.