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Schwarzenegger is Back: Set to Star in “Last Stand” as Sheriff Fighting Cartel

The disgraced ex-governor and movie star is set to go back to acting in on of his favorite roles – an enforcer making a comeback

Arnold is back.

The disgraced ex-governor and ex-movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to go back to acting in an action picture in which he’ll play one of his favorite roles – an enforcer making a comeback.

Schwarzenegger has struck a deal to star in “Last Stand,” playing an aging sheriff seeking to protect his border town from a drug kingpin, TheWrap has confirmed. The character must decide whether to risk his own life to protect his town from the drug cartel. 

The movie would be the first project for Schwarzenegger since he left the governor’s mansion in January, and since he took a hiatus from work after admitting in May that he had fathered a child with the family’s housekeeper, Mildred Baena.

Maria Shriver, his wife of three decades, left him after learning of the infidelity, and has filed for divorce.

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Under national criticism and scrutiny, Schwarzenegger announced he was going to suspend all plans for acting projects. He had been planning to star in a film called “Cry Macho,"  playing a former horse breeder who's won the Kentucky Derby, but whose life has fallen apart. He ends up with one last chance to make money: Kidnap the boss's son from Mexico, where the boy lives with the man's ex-wife.

The Times said that “Last Stand” would be directed by Kim-ji-Woon, a South Korean director who has made foreign-language films such as revenge-thriller "I Saw the Devil," but would be making his English-language debut with Schwarzenegger.

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It said the film would shoot later this year.

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