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New Science Channel Show: Guy Climbs Skyscraper With Just 2 Household Vacuum Cleaners (Video)

Todd Sampson will also have an AK-47 fired at him underwater at point-blank range

Todd Sampson is either totally insane or completely in love with physics. It’s probably a little bit of both.

The adventurer will put that combination together for new Science Channel show, “Outrageous Acts of Danger.” The title pretty much sets the tone, and viewers won’t be disappointed with each experiment.

During the season, Sampson, who once completed an unguided ascent to the top of Mount Everest, is shot at point-blank range underwater with an AK-47 (demonstrating resistance), faces off with a swinging one-ton wrecking ball inches from his face (conservation of energy), travels through a 1600-degree fire with only a thin layer of water protecting him (heat transfer), climbs a skyscraper using only two household vacuum cleaners (air pressure), and takes flight with 120 helium balloons (buoyancy).

Watch the trailer above.

“This mind-blowing series reveals that the laws of physics are true even in the most dangerous of circumstances,” said Marc Etkind, general manager, Science Channel. “Let me add that these jaw-dropping experiments should not be tried at home!”

“Outrageous Acts of Danger” premieres Wednesday, June 21 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Science Channel.

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