30 Scorpio Celebrities, Including Owen Wilson, Ming-Na Wen and RuPaul | Photos

The season of mysterious, quiet but fierce Scorpios has arrived

Owen Wilson, Ming-Na Wen, RuPaul (Photo credit: Getty Images)
Owen Wilson, Ming-Na Wen, RuPaul (Photo credit: Getty Images)

Scorpios are generally kind, but don’t push them too close to the edge.

Scorpios can be some of the most docile yet scary signs of the Zodiac because of their ability to go from zero to 100 “real quick” — just like their insectoid counterparts — says Drake of their switch-on-switch-off personalities.

On the other hand, they make some of the most loyal and tender-hearted, passionate companions, but it takes a lot for them to bring someone into their circle of trust. And their unique intuition can spot negative energy from a mile away. Be careful if you ever think about crossing them, as they can be a extremely resentful sign, and they will always get their revenge and you won’t see it coming.

Scorpio season runs from Oct. 23 to Nov. 21, here’s all the Hollywood celebs who fall under the sign.


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