Scott Baio’s ‘Charles in Charge’ Co-Star Rejects Nicole Eggert’s ‘Inappropriate’ Relationship Accusation

Josie Davis says Eggert’s accusation against Baio on her behalf is “completely false”

Josie Davis
Photo by Rochelle Brodin/Getty Images

After Nicole Eggert accused Scott Baio of forcing their former “Charles in Charge” co-star Josie Davis to remove her pants for him when she was 13 years old, Davis has come out to say no way.

Davis said Eggert’s accusation is “completely false.”

On Wednesday, Eggert — who has previously made sexual misconduct accusations against Baio on her own behalf — told the actor’s fans on Twitter to, “Ask Scott Baio why he demanded Josie Davis pull her pants down when she was 13…”

Though Eggert deleted the tweet, Davis had already seen it and responded in kind on Thursday.

“I only had a positive and professional relationship with him,” Davis wrote, after denying any “inappropriate” behavior occurred between her and Baio. “Out of respect for those involved I will not be responding further on the matter.”

Back in January, Eggert accused Baio of molesting her when she was a minor, and then took her accusations to the police, meeting with the Los Angeles Police Department in February to say that Baio sexually abused her when she was a minor.

“From the beginning, Nicole Eggert’s inconsistent stories have proven her claims to be untrue,” Brian Glicklich, a spokesperson for Baio, said in a statement to TheWrap on Friday, following Davis’ defense of Baio. “Now she has tripped over her words once again, and it is time to recognize this charade for what it is. Scott is profoundly grateful to Josie Davis for her integrity and decency.”

See Eggert’s now-deleted Twitter exchange and Davis’ tweet below.