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Scott Peterson Living ‘Cushy’ Life on Death Row (Video)

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera reports on convicted murderer’s ”exclusive life“ in San Quentin prison

Imprisoned in San Quentin prison on Death Row for the murder of his wife Laci, Scott Peterson is living a “cushy” life, Geraldo Rivera reported Saturday.

“Scott Peterson is living inside a single cell, inside NorthSeg; it’s the exclusive, it’s the best that you can ever hope to serve,” Nancy Mulane, author of “Life After Murder: Five Men in Search of Redemption,” told Rivera.

Mulane, who has been one of the few people to see Peterson in prison, went on to say he has access to a basketball court, an outdoor shower and toilet, and a roof to protect prisoners from the sun.

“Scott Peterson has an exclusive life inside San Quentin,” she said, comparing his “cushy” life to other California Death Row inmates who are in cells 23 hours a day without getting out or seeing another person.

Peterson was convicted of killing his wife, Laci Peterson, in 2004, and sentenced to death by lethal injection in 2005. His lawyer filed an appeal in 2012. There’s been no announced date for his execution.

Gillian Flynn wrote a bestseller adaptation of the Peterson saga titled “Gone Girl” in 2012. Ben Affleck starred in the movie version in 2014.

Watch the video below.

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