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Screenvision Overhauls Cinema Pre-Shows

Sleeker look debuts during Upfronts

The advertisements that greet early birds at movie theaters are about to undergo a major makeover.

Screenvision has redesigned its pre-feature entertainment programming and is rolling out its new pre shows in theaters this month. The preshow has been rebranded as ‘Front & Center’ and the latest version features spots for “Rio 2,” “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” and “The Americans.” The 20 minute program consists of three entertainment blocks.

The look is sleeker, the graphics are bigger and there are fewer interstitials between spots, Screenvision said.

“The whole thing has a more elevated and polished appearance that’s more fitting for the big screen,”  John McCauley, senior vice president of strategic alliances at Screenvision, said. “There are fewer interruptions which improves the flow of the show.”

The preshow was created in-house and Screenvision said the release is tied to upfronts, the time of year when corporations meet with television networks and digital companies to plan their promotions. Screenvision said it can offer something that television cannot — a stable audience. The expanding nature of cable content and the growth of digital video platforms took a chunk out of television ratings in recent years, but the domestic moviegoing audience has remained relatively flat at 1.3 billion customers annually, the company argues.

Screenvision said it reaches an average audience of 4.4 million people weekly, aged 18 to 49 years old. Many of those eyeballs are fixed on Screenvision’s in-cinema promotions during the weekend when television audiences tend to dwindle. Moviegoing numbers surge during that period.

“Cinemas are great places to purchase ads,” McCauley said. “This rising generation has become more accustomed to having advertising integrated into various platforms. They appreciate and they like it more when they watch it on movie screens than on television.”