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David Boreanaz Says Jason Is Left ‘Really Alone,’ in Very ‘Unique Position’ on ‘SEAL Team’ Finale (Video)

”Things really aren’t that great for him,“ CBS drama star tells TheWrap

The second season of “SEAL Team” comes to a close Wednesday night, with Bravo Team’s future on the line when Commander Shaw (Peter Jessop) recommends they be split up. However, Jason Hayes’ (David Boreanaz) unit will get one final mission to prove him wrong.

TheWrap can’t tell you whether or not they succeed, but we can tell you Boreanaz says Jace is left “in a very kind of unique position” and “really alone” because of what happens on Wednesday’s Season 2 finale.

“[Bravo Team’s] journey, their whole season has been them being kind of torn apart and the conflict that they’ve had with each other,” Boreanaz tells TheWrap in the interview above. “If [Episode] 21 is somewhat of a unification of the team in order to get to [Episode] 22, then it opens up the doors of, will they succeed in that manner? I can’t say exactly how or when, but I will say it’s an examination of putting things to bed and an honorable kind of salute to people that they have lost and how that goes through in a ceremony that is pretty intense.”

“But it is also leaves Jason Hayes’ character in a very kind of unique position because he’s lost everything and everyone’s kind of gone out of his life — his children and now his wife early on, and now he finds himself really alone for the first time in a long time,” he continued. “And we end it in a very unique way that I think it’ll open up that things really aren’t that great for him. I’ll say that.”

The Season 2 finale of “SEAL Team” airs Wednesday at 10/9c on CBS.