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Hannity Amps Up Kimmel Vitriol: ‘Game on You Pervert Pig’

”What you don’t seem to realize is that I LOVE this,“ late night host responds

The Sean Hannity/Jimmy Kimmel Twitter storm kicked up a notch Saturday morning, with the Fox News personality calling the late night host a “pervert,” “pig” and “racist bigot.”

Hannity came out swinging — again — after Kimmel replied to a tweet Friday night that said, “The idea that YOU’d call ANYONE a ‘pervert’ while slobbering over Trump, Ailes, O’Reilly and, YES, Roy Moore – who you DID SUPPORT is, to quote a fella you love very much, ‘Sad!'”

That fired up Hannity, who went on Twitter tirade.

“Dear Mr Weinstein jr. you are a disgusting pervert,” Hannity wrote. “Stop projecting. How you treat the First Lady helping kids is disgusting. How you treat 18 year old girls is disgusting. And your show is a failure. Game on you pervert pig. I’ll be on this till you apologize.”

He added in a subsequent tweet, “I’ve only just begun.”

He also called Kimmel a “racist bigot” for playing NBA star Karl Malone in blackface on his Comedy Central series “The Man Show,” which ended in 2004.

And “dumb”:

Kimmel, apparently, didn’t mind one iota. “What you don’t seem to realize is that I LOVE this. I guess it’s one of my perversions,” he wrote.

The insult-o-rama began Wednesday night when Hannity went after Kimmel for making fun of Melania Trump’s performance reading to children at the White House’s Easter Egg Roll — specifically her pronunciation of “this and that.”

Kimmel and Hannity exchanged jabs, with Hannity commenting on a skit from Kimmel’s tenure on “The Man Show” when the comedian asked women to touch his crotch. Hannity called him “Harvey Weinstein Jr.” The discourse was further escalated Friday night after Kimmel tweeted a joke implying that Hannity has a sexual relationship with President Trump.

Hannity and Kimmel didn’t immediately respond to TheWrap’s requests for comment.