Sean Hannity Apologizes to More Than 500 Radio Stations for Minutes-Long Blackout: ‘It Was Not a Left-Wing Conspiracy’

“I certainly hope you will accept our humble apology here,” Hannity said

Sean Hannity
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Sean Hannity finally stopped running his mouth and had to apologize for it: The conservative talk host on Thursday fell on a sword for the hundreds of stations that carry “The Sean Hannity Show,” which had unwittingly broadcast a big radio no-no – silence – the day before.

The host opened his three-hour midday talk block Thursday with a broad apology for “several minutes” of radio silence fed during the first hour of Wednesday’s show to more than 500 affiliates and streaming services. Hannity seemed genuinely embarrassed by the gaffe, which he said was caused by equipment – and not a take – that had gotten too hot.

“It was not a left-wing conspiracy that did it,” Hannity said. “It was from the overheating of some critical broadcast equipment.”

Hannity said his team was taking measures to address the hot-spot in the New York City studio facility and make sure it didn’t flare up again. He directly addressed the radio affiliates and streaming feeds after forcing them to scramble on Wednesday.

“I certainly hope you will accept our humble apology here,” Hannity said. “We’ve got an obligation to get it right for you.”

“The Sean Hannity Show” has been the highest-rated commercial radio talk program since the death of fellow conservative Rush Limbaugh. The show has been syndicated through ABC Radio Network, now owned by Citadel Broadcasting, since Sept. 10, 2001, and joined dozens of Clear Channel stations through a separate agreement in 2008.

The show is now co-managed by ABC Radio Networks and Premiere Radio Networks, a division of Clear Channel.