Sean Hannity Sparks Twitter War With GOP Senator: ‘Call Me When U Repeal Obamacare #Loser’

Sean Hannity says his endorsement of Ben Sasse was “one of the biggest mistakes” of his career

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Coming off his oddly headline-light interview with President Donald Trump on Wednesday, Sean Hannity has been warring with Republican Senator Ben Sasse.

Things got going when the Nebraska conservative — and ferocious Trump critic — questioned whether Trump’s anti-media statements constituted a recanting of his oath of office to protect the Constitution.

Hannity, one the president’s strongest media defenders, promptly came to POTUS’ defense. The Fox News host is one of the coveted 45 people who Trump follows on the platform.

And because you can’t spell Sasse without Sass, that promptly led to this.

… And with the President of the United States watching, there was no way that was going to stand. So Hannity hit back — five times.

Sasse decided to leave it there — for now. The most recent post from his account is an image of his son riding a skateboard with a BB gun.