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Sean Hannity Blasts Politifact’s ‘Stupidity’ After Fact-Checking Site Says He Fell for Hoax

”Let me teach you simple addition,“ Fox News host says after site gave him dubious ”Pants on Fire“ label regarding Syrian refugees

Sean Hannity thinks he can add and subtract better than Politifact, so he blasted the fact-checking website on Tuesday for giving him a “Pants on Fire” rating for his claim that the U.S. was accepting 250,000 Syrian refugees.

Hannity prefaced his tirade by saying he doesn’t usually respond to every “left-wing website” that goes after him, but he couldn’t resist when it comes to Politifact, which recently suggested the Fox News host fell for a hoax website quoting a non-existent State Department spokeswoman who announced that 250,000 Syrian refugees would be resettled on tribal reservation lands in Arizona and North Dakota.

Despite the The Migration Policy Institute telling the fact-checking website that it is “not aware of any suggestion that the United States would seek to resettle 250,000 refugees from Syria or Iraq,” Hannity argued he got his numbers from reputable sources.

“Let me teach you simple addition,” Hannity said. “I was quoting an AP article, entitled ‘Kerry: US to accept 85,000 refugees in 2016, 100,000 in 2017. Well, that equals 185,000 right?” he continued.

Hannity then finished his math lesson by citing the State Department report that said an additional 70,000 refugees would enter the U.S. “That equals 255,000,” Hannity concluded.

He also fired back at the claim he said all the refugees were Syrian, saying his left-wing critics get easily confused.

“When you’re only advocating a political agenda like Politifact, I understand guys where you’re coming from,” Hannity said before firing off his final critique.

“So Politifact, to use your words, liar, liar, your pants are on fire. Get yourself a good calculator.”

Watch the video below.