Sean Hannity Drags ’60 Minutes’ Interview: ‘Anderson Cooper Has Now Turned Into CNN’s Jerry Springer’ (Video)

Sean Hannity says CNN picked up the Stormy Daniels story after Russia coverage didn’t work out

Fox News fire breather Sean Hannity didn’t care for Stormy Daniels’ interview on “60 Minutes” Sunday. On his his show Monday evening, he said the mainstream media had become unhealthily obsessed with the story and that CNN anchor Anderson Cooper was turning into Jerry Springer.

“After back-to-back, lewd, cringeworthy, creepy interviews with Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal — again allegations of a consensual relationship — it looks like Anderson Cooper has now turned into CNN’s Jerry Springer,” said Hannity.

The Fox host then played a side-by-side montage of Springer and moments from Cooper’s interview — which were kind of similar.

At the opening of his show’s monologue, Hannity said the Stormy Daniels story had taken the place of Russia for a media desperate to discredit the president.

“Now that the media’s Russia obsession isn’t exactly working out according to plan, well instead of Russia, Russia, Russia, now it’s Stormy, Stormy and more Stormy,” he said. “The mainstream media’s nonstop assault on President Trump and his character and credibility has reached a new low.”

Hannity also trial ballooned the name “creepy Anderson Cooper,” and repeated his declaration that CNN president Jeff Zucker was the “king of porn” for his network’s wall-to-wall Stormy coverage.

Stormy Daniels, who is suing President Donald Trump to try and be released from an NDA, said she had a consensual sexual affair with the real estate magnate back in 2006. The president has consistently denied that there was any physical relationship between the two.

Daniels is also suing Trump attorney Michael Cohen for defamation.

Watch Hannity’s take above.