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Watch Hannity Fans Smash Keurig Machines They’ve Already Bought to Really Send a Message

Coffee pod machine company is one of many brands to pull ads from Fox News show

Sean Hannity fans are responding to a decision by Keurig to cease advertising on his Fox News show by smashing their own machines made by the company. As part of the trending #BoycottKeurig campaign, Hannity die-hards have uploaded videos of their former Keurigs in various states of disrepair and destruction.

On Twitter, the destruction was real as many fans took to demolishing their coffee pod-making machines on video.

Keurig is one of several brands to pull their ads from Sean Hannity’s show after the Fox News host dedicated a significant chunk of is program last week to discrediting women who have come forward with sexual misconduct accustations.

“Do people do it for money? Do people do it for political reasons? Is that more common than people think?” Hannity asked a guest who readily said the answer was “yes.”

The advertiser pressure campaign is being organized by Media Matters for America president Angelo Carusone. In a statement to TheWrap, Carusone said the end goal was nothing less than Hannity’s removal from Fox News.

“Sean Hannity is uniquely destructive in the media landscape right now. His extremism, persistent lies, conspiracies and attacks on women that speak out against sexual misconduct warrant some kind of accountability,” he said. “What Hannity does is so volatile and reckless that I don’t think he should be at Fox News any longer.”