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Sean Hannity Gets Trolled for Retweeting ‘Hannity Gargles Piss’ Account

Fox News host falls into a cheeky social media trap

Avoiding trolls on Twitter can be tough no matter who you are. In fact, even Fox News hosts might get caught up in the occasional awkward retweet — like Sean Hannity did Monday, when he retweeted a message that said “Hannity gargles piss.”

Hannity actually shared a rather innocuous tweet, but it came back to haunt him. As Mediaite reported, Hannity received a message that read, “Sean you should drink more!” from the account of writer Chris Caesar. Hannity retweeted the message with the response, “I need one. Just got home!!”

But verified Twitter accounts can change the display names that go with their tweets. On Monday, Caesar’s account used the name “i have died,” but after realizing Hannity had retweeted the message, Caesar changed his display name to something more troll-y: “hannity gargles piss.”

So Hannity was caught in something of a trap that he couldn’t have anticipated. Well, he could have anticipated it, had he clicked into Caesar’s account and found tweets and images that are not exactly friendly to conservatives or Donald Trump. And since Hannity spends each night on his Fox News show defending Trump, he probably could have guessed the message wasn’t friendly.

The tweet stayed on Hannity’s timeline for quite a while — six hours, by the time Mediaite reported on it — but he’s since deleted it.

Hannity hasn’t stayed off Twitter since the trolling, though. Instead, retweeting the likes of Eric Trump as he congratulates him on his ratings and Sarah Palin sharing a segment from his show about CNN retracting a story it ran online about Trump’s relationship with Russia.

He’s also been spending quite a bit of time arguing. His target for most of the day: singer Josh Groban.

See some of the tweets mocking Hannity below.