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Sean Hannity Suggests James Comey ‘Should Go to Jail’ for Exonerating Hillary Clinton

Fox News host says former FBI Director James Comey may have exonerated her for political reasons

Sean Hannity on Thursday suggested that former FBI Director James Comey may have exonerated Hillary Clinton over her use of a private email server last year for purely political reasons — and should face criminal charges himself.

“If the fix was in,” he said, “Comey should go to jail.”

Hannity made the remarks on the set of his eponymous program on Fox News to network legal analyst Gregg Jarrett.

Jarrett was part of a larger panel of experts analyzing an early 2016 draft of James Comey’s exoneration of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s handling of her private email server as Obama’s secretary of state. That draft, written before she had been interviewed by the FBI, has become the focus of much discussion particularly in conservative media.

“Comey initially wrote in these papers, his exoneration paper, that the sheer volume of classified documents on Clinton’s server is evidence of criminality,” said Jarrett. “And somebody removed that from the statement in clearing Hillary Clinton.”

“Unbelievable,” said Hannity.

James Comey famously declined to charge Hillary Clinton with criminal wrongdoing in July 2016 after the FBI concluded its investigation into her private email server. He did, however, declare her conduct to be “extremely careless.”

The anti-Comey drumbeat on “Hannity” came as part of a larger segment blasting Robert Mueller and the special counsel investigation into Donald Trump. Hannity is a close ally of the president and Trump is known to regularly watch the program.

Hannity has seen his own star at Fox News rise along with Trump’s in 2017, becoming the highest rated program at the network.

That success has come with increased scrutiny from watchdog groups including Media Matters, whose pressure campaign against Hannity advertisers at one point led 11 sponsors to drop the show.