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Sean Hannity Rips Ex-House Speaker John Boehner: ‘I’m Sorry You Are Bitter And u Failed!’

”John were you sober when you said this?“ Hannity tweets at former House Speaker. ”That conversation never happened. I’m sorry you are bitter and u failed!“

Fox News host Sean Hannity took to Twitter Sunday night to blast former House Speaker John Boehner after the Ohio Republican relayed an unflattering anecdote about Hannity in a Politico Magazine profile published on Sunday.

“John were you sober when you said this?” Hannity tweeted. “That conversation never happened. I’m sorry you are bitter and u failed!”

In the piece, Boehner — now very, very unshackled from his former life in Washington, D.C. — spoke of a “blunt conversation” he had with Hannity and suggested the Fox News star was a “right wing idiot.”

“I had a conversation with Hannity, probably about the beginning of 2015. I called him and said, ‘Listen, you’re nuts.’ We had this really blunt conversation,” Boehner told reporter Tim Alberta. “Things were better for a few months, and then it got back to being the same-old, same-old. Because I wasn’t going to be a right-wing idiot.”

The story, which has transfixed political Twitter was the works of hours of on-the record conversations with Boehner, which often took place over several glasses of red wine.

Boehner said his issue with Hannity was part of a broader problem he faced with ring-wing media, in which more mainstream voices were pushed further and further to the right.

“But you know, who was that right-wing guy, [Mark] Levin? He went really crazy right and got a big audience, and he dragged [Sean] Hannity to the dark side,” said Boehner in the piece.

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