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Sean Hannity Goes Hollywood, Plugging Faith-Based Kevin Sorbo Movie He Produced (Video)

Fox News host plugs his fact-based drama "Let There Be Light" with "conservative sensibilities and values"

Is conservative Fox News anchor Sean Hannity about to be Hollywood's next big thing?

The Fox News host has executive produced a new big-screen drama starring Kevin Sorbo called "Let There Be Light" that he previewed on his primetime show Tuesday night with a clip.

"For the past two years I've been working on a very special project and I am a very proud executive producer and I wanted to do this because I'm tired of formulaic films that frankly go against conservative sensibilities and values," he said. "You can bring the whole family. Bring tissues."

The film tells the story of Dr. Sol Harkens, played by movie co-writer Kevin Sorbo ("Hercules: The Legendary Journeys"), and his mental and physical decline after the death of his young son to cancer.

Harkens, an atheist, has a spiritual experience that ultimately brings him closer to his faith and family.

It's not the first time Hannity has used his very powerful platform to plug the film. He was on hand to promote the official trailer as well earlier this year. You can watch it today on the Fox News YouTube page.

"Let There Be Light" will open on October 27.