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Sean Hannity Touts Hotline for Haters to Yell at Him, Mailbox Already Full (Video)

“The hate Hannity hotline is back,” the Fox News host says

It’s no secret that a lot of people don’t like Sean Hannity.

In a bit of humorous self-awareness just before the close of Tuesday evening’s show, the Fox News host plugged an official hotline haters could call to scream at him, at least virtually.

“The hate-Hannity hotline is back. Now you can say anything you want to me. As a matter of fact, I encourage you. Just let it out. This is the year that a lot of truth is going to come out that they won’t be reporting in the lamestream media,” said Hannity. “Leave a message, 877-225-8587.”

Attempts by TheWrap to reach the hate Hannity hotline Wednesday were unsuccessful because the mailbox was full.

Laura Ingraham jokingly said she took note of the number and would add it to her speed dial.

“Totally calling right after my show,” she said.

Indeed, longtime Hannity watchers will recall that the hotline has been a recurring feature on the show for years — although the number has changed.

Left unmentioned on Tuesday night’s show was Hannity’s penchant for playing his favorite messages on-air as this clip from 2009 reveals.