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Sean Hannity: Is Megyn Kelly ‘Proud’ to Work With ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ Rachel Maddow? (Video)

Fox News host asks if his former colleague will interview Maddow after comparing her to Alex Jones

Fox News host Sean Hannity slammed MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Wednesday night, then asked his former colleague Megyn Kelly if she was “proud” to work alongside her new colleagues.

Hannity called Maddow the “biggest black helicopter, tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist in the destroy Trump media” and “out of control,” then played a recent clip form Maddow’s show. The clip featured Maddow pondering if bad weather kept Democrats home during Tuesday’s special election in Georgia, which was won by the Republican candidate.

Hannity, who regularly refers to MSNBC as NBC News, accused Maddow of making stuff up. He then pondered if her colleagues are proud to work with someone who spouts “unhinged” and “insane” theories to harm the president.

“So in the Destroy-Trump Media what you just saw somehow passes for ‘news,'” Hannity said. “So, I have to ask. Hey Tom Brokaw, are you proud of NBC News now?”

Hannity then turned his attention to Kelly, asking, “Is she proud of this type of reporting?

The Fox News host then compared the controversy that surrounded Kelly’s interview with Alex Jones to the situation surrounding Maddow, as he considers both Jones and Maddow to be conspiracy theorists.

Hannity asked, “Does she not interview Maddow this week so she can be fair and balanced?”

Kelly was Hannity’s lead-in on Fox News Channel before she left to take her current gig at NBC News. Technically, Kelly doesn’t actually work with Maddow, because Maddow is on the company’s cable sister station, but it appears that Hannity doesn’t care.

Check out the video above.