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Sean Hannity Rakes James Comey Sitdown With ABC: ‘Worst Interview I Have Ever Watched’

The Fox News personality went on an extended rant as the former FBI director appeared on TV Sunday night

Fox News host Sean Hannity wasn’t a fan of James Comey’s interview with George Stephanopoulos last night, offering his disdain in a series of tweets.

“Omg I’m stunned!” he said. “That was the worst interview I have ever watched in my life. #JournalismIsDead,”


But of course, President Donald Trump’s fiercest defender in media didn’t stop there. His final pronouncement came at the end of a lengthy thread in which Hannity offered live commentary in real-time as the interview proceeded.

Much of his critique focused on some classic Hillary “Whataboutism” that has been a staple of Hannity’s evening broadcast for years.




You can read the full thread over on Hannity’s Twitter feed.

Comey kicked off his book tour for “A Higher Loyalty” Sunday evening with an hour-long interview on ABC with anchor George Stephanopoulos. The sit-down, which ABC trimmed from five hours of content, offered a number of bombshells, including Comey’s belief that the president might have obstructed justice and that the so-called “pee tape” incident with Russian prostitutes in 2013 might be real.

The former FBI director remains a polarizing figure, however, also taking heat from liberals. On the set of “Morning Joe” Monday, the cast of regulars also offered a cool assessment of the interview. The general consensus found that the director was more interested in protecting his reputation and selling books and that his various justifications for his behavior in the 2016 campaign were insufficient.

“One of the unfortunate things of all of this is that it’s happening. There’s enough of a circus now” said Council on Foreign Relations chief Richard Haass. “This was self-interest, not national interest.”