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Sean Hannity Retreats From Roy Moore Ultimatum, Says Decision Up to ‘Alabama Voters’ (Video)

”Hannity is like the dad who counts to three and then does nothing,“ tweets Politico’s Jason Schwartz

Fox News host Sean Hannity mostly backed off his attacks on Alabama GOP senatorial candidate Roy Moore Wednesday evening, pointedly ignoring the story for almost the entire duration of his program.

In his show’s closing minutes, Hannity did address the matter, ultimately washing his hands of the issue, saying the choice belonged to Alabama voters.

“I lived in Alabama. I enjoyed my time in Alabama. I know these people. They’re smart. They’re great Americans. God. Family. Faith. Country,” he said. “I am very confident that when everything comes out, they will make the best decision for their state.”

That’s a significant reversal from the fire and fury of Tuesday night’s program, when Hannity railed against Moore and said his answers to questions during a radio interview last week were insufficient and that he needed further explanation within 24 hours. If Moore failed to deliver, Hannity called on him to leave the race.

Those calls were not repeated Thursday, rather Hannity said it was important for voters to hear all sides.

“The people of Alabama need to know the truth and they got to have all the facts that they need and that means that the Alabama voters can make an educated informed inclusive decision for their state when they go to the polls,” he said. “We have told you everyone’s point of view. The accusers continue to have an open invitation to come on this show.”

In the words of Politico’s Jason Schwartz: