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Sean Hannity Smacks Down Stormy Daniels Lawyer’s Offer to Come on Show: ‘Old News’

Michael Avenatti is not hitting Fox News’ top-rated show anytime soon

It looks like the Stormy Daniels story will not be coming to Fox News primetime.

Sean Hannity smacked down the idea of inviting Daniels’ attorney, Michael Avenatti on his program to discuss the adult entertainer’s claims about an affair with President Trump, saying that the lawyer might get his chance if he wanted to talk about other more Hannity-friendly subjects.

“Michael the world has had stormy stormy 24-7 on every low rated show. It’s old news. Learn about Fisa Abuse, lying to Fisa Courts, 18 USC 793, deleting subpoenaed emails, acid washing hard drives, destroying devices with hammers and then u have a shot at the number 1 Show,” Hannity tweeted.

Hannity and Avenatti were schmoozing at a Hollywood Reporter party earlier this month in New York City, stoking speculation of an on-air summit between the two. Avenatti has tweeted several times since, tagging Hannity, and suggesting a full-hour Stormy special.

“When we were at the THR party a couple of weeks ago, we met and I found you to be very affable despite our divergent views,” he said. “And we discussed me coming on the show to debate the case. Let’s do this thing already. Full hour – you and me.”

Hannity also said a “full hour” was a non-starter and that such an honor was reserved only for VIPs, like his pal Trump — who he tagged.

While Avenatti has become a de facto contributor on CNN and MSNBC, his appearances on Fox News have been few and far between. A planned interview with Martha MacCallum earlier this week fell apart after Avenatti canceled. It is unclear whether there it be rescheduled.

Avenatti responded to the Hannity by saying it was further proof that Fox News was blackballing him.

“Thought so. There goes Fox claiming I’m not willing to come on the network. Maybe Michael Cohen will get on the show? Probably should book that one very quickly because no FISA warrant needed there. Take care Sean,” he said.