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Sean Hannity Tears Into ‘Liberal’ Joe Scarborough: ‘Try Research!’

”How can someone so wrong so often with such a tiny audience keep his job?,“ Tweets Fox News host

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough ripped Fox News host Sean Hannity on Thursday morning, suggesting that he is on Vladimir Putin’s side. The “Hannity” host wasted no time in firing back on Twitter.

“No Joe, I am on Americas side,” Hannity tweeted. “How can someone so wrong so often with such a tiny audience keep his job? Liberal Joe try research!”


Hannity and Scarborough have a long history of taking jabs at each other, so the latest beef is nothing new. In February, the Fox News anchor went off on the MSNBC personality after Scarborough accused Stephen Miller, an advisor to President Trump, of “embarrassing” the White House with appearances on Sunday talk shows.


However, Hannity considers himself an America patriot and Scarborough suggesting he sides with Putin could take things to a new level.

The Fox News personality referring to Scarborough as “Liberal Joe” is interesting, as both commentators are open Republicans. Scarborough even served in the House of Representatives from 1995 through 2001 as a Republican from Florida.

The latest beef started on Thursday morning when Scarborough discussed Trump’s unpredictability. Scarborough joked that the Russian president at least has conservative commentator Ann Coulter on his side, “But other than that, it’s not working out very well for Putin.”

Scarborough then said, “Oh wait… he’s got [Fox News host] Sean Hannity.”