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Sean Hannity Would Love to Launch Tinder-Like Dating App for Conservatives

Fox News veteran also says being bumped to 10 p.m. for Megyn Kelly was ”best thing that ever happened to me“

Sean Hannity is closing in on 20 years at Fox News, and the popular conservative TV personality may have eyes for more than just political commentary.

In an interview with the International Business Times, Hannity spoke about his long shuttered dating site, “Hannidate,” which attempted to spark love among conservative men and women.

The site closed down for legal reasons, Hannity said, but he’s not against a sequel mirroring the popular dating app Tinder.

“I actually love the idea,” he said, adding examples of instances he’s put the spotlight on “cute couples” on the road.

Handy recounted calling out one of those couples and pressuring the guy to propose to his girl.

“I’m like, ‘how long you been dating?’ … ‘Okay, why haven’t you asked her?’ And I put him under the gun. Then I say, ‘why don’t you do it now?'”

Aside from his interesting side hobby of matchmaking, Hannity also shed light on being bumped for Megyn Kelly from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. two years ago.

“Best thing that ever happened to me,” Hannity said, adding that Kelly is a “huge star.”

Hannity said the move from being live at 9 p.m. to taping earlier for 10 p.m. has allowed him more time with his family, which he’s gone without for almost two decades.

“I have two kids. I was live every single, solitary night for what, 18, 17 years, whatever it was,” he continued. “I was lucky because I was able to get some more flexibility with my schedule.”