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Stephen Colbert Uncovers Sean Spicer’s Secret Escape Plan (Video)

It was hiding in a Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweet this whole time

Stephen Colbert had a little fun with the White House on Monday, first mocking President Donald Trump’s wedding-crashing ways, and then making a few wisecracks at the expense of the man’s press secretaries.

“Every wedding has a best man, but only a select few get the worst one,” Colbert quipped of the POTUS dropping in on a recent reception he wasn’t invited to. “Plus, you know what they say about weddings: Something old, something new, something orange, someone get him away from the bridesmaids.”

“According to one guest, when Trump arrived, the bridge came running out and he gave her a big hug and a kiss,” the CBS personality continued in his barrage. “Quick question: Which was was she running?”

Colbert then decoded the latest nonsense tweet from the Trump administration. No, it wasn’t “covfefe.”

Watch the video above for the “Late Show” host’s explanation of those 140 characters — apparently, the emojis spell out Sean Spicer’s secret escape plan.