Sean Spicer Serves Epic Typo, Says Rex Tillerson ‘Severed Our Nation’

Spicer describes himself as a “horrable speller” in his own Twitter bio

Last Updated: March 13, 2018 @ 8:38 AM

Sean Spicer did his best to tweet out some praise for outgoing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Tuesday, but in the process accidentally dropped an embarrassing typo — saying Tillerson has “severed our nation well.”

“Secretary Tillerson is a true patriot that has severed our nation well,” said Spicer.  “Thank you for serving. Mike Pompeo will be an outstanding Secretary of State – the Senate should act swiftly to confirm him”

The former Trump press secretary swiftly corrected the error in a follow-up tweet.

The tweet is hardly out of the ordinary for Spicer, whose own Twitter bio describes him as a “Horrable speller.” His own farewell email to the press corps shortly before he left the White House also contained a typo. Trump too is a famous word-flubbing on his favorite platform. The president routinely deletes and reposts tweets with misspelled words and still has never offered a full explanation of what “Covfefe” was ever supposed to be.

Since leaving the White House, Spicer has bounced around — occasionally being feted by Hollywood — and popping up on Fox News to offer Trump commentary. He is also working on a book.

On Tuesday, President Trump ousted Tillerson from his job as Secretary of State, making it official via Twitter. The president announced that the former ExxonMobil chief would be replaced by CIA Director Mike Pompeo.