Sean Spicer Finally Got to Meet Pope Francis, No Thanks to Trump

The former White House staffer meets the religious leader at an international gathering of Catholic politicians

sean spicer pope francis

Good news for Sean Spicer: he finally got to meet the pope!

On Sunday, the former White House Press Secretary attended a meeting of the International Catholic Legislators Network in the Vatican, where at long last, he met Pope Francis, ABC News reported. This encounter comes some three months after President Trump denied Spicer the chance to meet the Catholic leader during an official presidential visit to the Vatican in May.

Because Spicer is Roman Catholic, many people were surprised when they learned he was left off of a list of White House staffers selected to meet him. Whether or not the exclusion was intentional, some interpreted it as a jerk move on Trump’s part and showed sympathy for Spicer on social media.

According to ABC, the Vatican press office announced the audience at the international gathering on Sunday.

As the pope “gave a ‘brief greeting’ to the 250 or so participants,” Spicer sat in the front row, taking pictures with his phone.