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Sean Spicer Is a Long Shot to Win ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ Sportsbook BetOnline Says (Exclusive)

Let’s just say he’s not quite the frontrunner — find all the odds here

Sportsbook BetOnline has set its odds on Sean Spicer winning Season 28 of “Dancing With the Stars,” and TheWrap has them first.

The former Trump White House press secretary is not quite the frontrunner — at 50-to-1, he’s the longest of the long shots, actually. That makes Spicey twice as unlikely to take the whole competition as BetOnline’s next unlikeliest winner, two-time NBA champion Lamar Odom.

“The Office” alum Kate Flannery and “Bachelorette” Hannah Brown aren’t very likely in BetOnline’s entertainment oddsmaker’s eyes, either.

But someone has to win. According to these numbers, Vegas — or at least this one popular offshore outpost — is favoring NFL Hall of Famer Ray Lewis (4-to-1) to win the Mirrorball Trophy, which makes sense if you’ve seen his end-zone dances.

Behind him is “Dawson’s Creek” star James Van der Beek (9-to-2) and “Queer Eye” star Karamo Brown (11-to-2).

Below are all the celebrities and their respective odds to win.

Ray Lewis                                 4/1
James Van der Beek               9/2
Karamo Brown                        11/2
Ally Brooke                               6/1
Kel Mitchell                              6/1
Lauren Alaina                           7/1
Christie Brinkley                     12/1
Mary Wilson                            12/1
Hannah Brown                        14/1
Kate Flannery                          14/1
Lamar Odom                           25/1
Sean Spicer                              50/1

Keep reading for a few fun prop bets we got ahead of them posting online.

Will Sean Spicer say “Donald Trump” in Episode 1 of Season 28 of “Dancing with the Stars”?
Yes      +1000   (10/1)
No        -2500   (1/25)

Read that as he’s very, very unlikely to mention his former boss by name on the season premiere. If you think he will, plunk down $100 to win $1,000.

A “No” bet here requires $25 just to win a buck.

And here is kind of a weird one if you consider Lewis as the favorite, which BetOnline sure does.

“Dancing With The Stars” Season 28 – Who Will be Eliminated First?
Ray Lewis         +150     (3/2)
Lamar Odom    -200     (1/2)

At least the lack of confidence in Odom is consistent. The former Los Angeles Lakers player has a pretty bad history with Las Vegas.

ABC revealed the Season 28 “DWTS” cast Wednesday on “GMA.” Many people on the internet did not take too kindly to Spicer’s inclusion, and even co-host Tom Bergeron said he was against it.

Spicer himself downplayed any backlash.

“I think this is an entertainment show,” Spicer told CNN, which also reported that ABC News staffers are “up in arms” over their company paying someone who they say was “horrible” to them during his time as White House press secretary.

“I look forward to having some fun. And if people are looking for news, I suggest they tune into a news program,” Spicer continued.