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Sean Spicer Slaps Back at Obama: ‘No, I Did Not Work for a Cartoon President’

The former White House press secretary accused President Obama of playing the Hillary Clinton blame game for 2016

Last Updated: June 1, 2018 @ 6:58 AM

Sean Spicer told “Fox & Friends” viewers that Donald Trump was not a “cartoon president,” which was said in response to a New York Times piece where Barack Obama expressed his doubts about his successor.

“No, I did not work for a cartoon president,” the former White House press secretary told the cast on the Fox News morning show.

The Times piece spoke at length of President Obama’s mental state in the weeks following Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. The story, which was written by Peter Baker, described Obama’s feelings on Trump’s win and its aftermath, which was described in a new book by longtime Obama aide Benjamin Rhodes.

In the weeks after Mr. Trump’s election, Mr. Obama went through multiple emotional stages, according to a new book by his longtime adviser Benjamin J. Rhodes. At times, the departing president took the long view, at other points, he flashed anger. He called Mr. Trump a “cartoon” figure who cared more about his crowd sizes than any particular policy. And he expressed rare self-doubt, wondering whether he had misjudged his own influence on American history.

Spicer was unsympathetic.

“I think it’s ironic that Hillary Clinton was the master of trying to blame everybody for the election loss and now they’re getting in on the act of who else to blame,” he laughed.

“The bottom line is president Trump tapped into a message that all these folks in Washington lost sight of, which is the American people wanted somebody to champion their efforts and their concerns and Donald Trump was that messenger.”

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