Sean Spicer’s Book Is Tanking in Amazon Pre-Order Sales

CNN’s Brian Stelter says the former White House press secretary’s book was suffering because he is “not Trumpy ‘enough'”

Sean Spicer
Fox News

Sean Spicer added his name to a growing list of former White House officials who are writing books about their stories from their time in the Trump administration.

Sales, however, for the former Trump press secretary’s new book, “The Briefing,” have been less than stellar. As of this writing, pre-order sales on Amazon for Spicer’s book ranked 1,047 on the site’s sales charts.

The soft opening comes despite a lengthy promotion tour, which included a fancy D.C. book launch party where all-access tickets cost $1,000. The news is particularly embarrassing for Spicer given that books from Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro and Gregg Jarrett rank at #1 and #9 respectively.

Reps for Spicer’s publisher, Regnery, did not immediately respond to request for comment from TheWrap. In his morning newsletter, CNN media reporter Brian Stelter took a moment to mock the situation and also offered his explanation of the matter.

“I think there’s a simple explanation for this: Spicer, despite all his TV hits hyping the book, is not Trumpy ‘enough.’ He only served as press secretary for six months,” Stelter said. “Pirro and Jarrett, on the other hand, are absolute Trump diehards. And they’re plugged in right to the base via Fox’s prime time shows.”

Since leaving the White House after his contentious half-year tenure, Spicer has increasingly moved to make light of his time at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, joking about it on late night television and even roasting himself and his old boss to a friendly audience at the 2017 Emmy awards.